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Up until now, if you are looking to get a new website built, you have two clear options – a bespoke design or use a template. Templates seem attractive because they are cheap and many of them look nice.

On the face of it, it's a good way of getting up and running fairly quickly and without too much outlay. The problem is that Google doesn't like them… at all. This is because they are usually poorly coded and always inaccessible. If your website doesn't work well for blind people, it won't work well for Google and that is the main problem with templates.

Going the bespoke route will inevitably cost more to begin with, however you usually have the benefit of having a well built site that will work well for most people. If it is also fully accessible, it will be liked by Google as well.

Most start-up businesses go the template route initially, promising themselves that they will have a bespoke website in a few years' time, as funds allow. The difficulty with this is that, during this time, their website will be viewed negatively by Google. This means that a lot of extra work must be undertaken to remove Google's negative views before you can think about trying to actually get somewhere!

So, how on earth to you resolve this? You need a robust, fully accessible website that you can control and yet only have a modest budget. Wouldn't it be great if there was an "off the shelf" product to do this?

There is now… and you are on it!

Run Your Own Website, what start-up businesses and sole traders have been waiting for!

We have been building responsive, accessible, bespoke websites for five years now and we have won an award for what we do.

We have taken our unique, robust approach to web design and put it into a self-build product that will be loved by Google.

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Clive Loseby
Managing Director

Run Your Own Website

PS – if you would like to gain a greater understanding of how Google views websites, please read my article by following this link or watch 20 brilliant videos on how to make your website more Google friendly!


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