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Do you have questions? Let us help you!

I am sure you have been looking around this website and liking what you are seeing? You wouldn't be on the FAQ page otherwise!

Run Your Own Website is an "off the shelf" low-cost website from Access by Design, an award-winning web design, Chichester, digital agency.

We like to keep everything transparent and straightforward. Small business web design is a complicated business, how on earth do you know where to turn for help in understanding the difference between Company A and Company B? They both produce websites, how on earth do you choose between the two? Well a good starting point is how clearly they communicate their message and their ethos. Are their prices clear? Do you know what you are getting from your money? How long will it take? These and many other questions are ones that come to mind frequently and we at Run Your Own Website want to answer every one for you!

If you don't see your question about affordable web design below, ask us!

We love Run Your Own Website! We hope you do too and it is our job to make sure that you are comfortable before you go ahead an commit. Whether you are looking for a small buisness website or a website for startups, a charity website or a cheap website, we hope to answer your questions below!

As always, if you are unsure, call us on 01243 776399 or email us:

Can I add links?

Yes you can and it is very easy to do.

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Can I have a blog?

All of the websites built with Run Your Own Website come with an unlimited blog as standard with the exception of Option 1, the Single Page version

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Can I try before I buy?

You certainly can! If you sign up, a temporary address will be created for your website. Have a play with it, if you like it, pay for it and we will put it live for you. It is completely risk-free.

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Can I upload images straight from my phone or tablet?

You can, but we would not recommend it unless you are on a wifi connection! Although RYOW will automatically resize any images that you upload, the images themselves could be very big and may take a long time to upload and rinse your data allowance! If you can, resize your images first to get the best result. Please see our Hints and Tips section of the website.

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Can you design a logo for me?

Yes we can design you either a text logo or a full bespoke graphic logo. Details are on our pricing page.
We don't retain copyright, many other agencies do. Your logo will be a vectored image, which means it can be as large as you like without losing quality.

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Can you explain what you mean by an Initial Build Fee?

Run Your Own Website is designed to be easy to use and is aimed at clients who wish for a strong, attractive brochure website that works well on mobiles, tablets, desktop computers and pretty much everything else. However, there often extra things that people want, such as Member's Area or an online shop etc.. We are always happy to do this but obviously the initial build free itself may be higher.

Once we have the content and the images, we will build the site and show it to you. There may be changes that you want, once you actually see the website, so we allow for one set of revisions within the initial build price. You are welcome to have as many further revisions as you wish but please be aware that we will charge for this at our development rate of £80 / hour plus VAT.

Once the first set of revisions have been made, we will send your login details and a simple manual.If you have paid for training,we will also train you in managing the website. If it is a more complex website we strongly advise training but it is not mandatory.



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Can you update my website for me?

Most of our customers are happy making changes to their websites whenever they want to, however, the may be occasions where you might not have the time to do it yourself and wish to have us do it for you instead.

We are happy to do any amends or updates to your website on an ad-hoc basis, we charge £25 plus VAT per 20 mins for this.

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Do I have to manage my website? Can you do it for me instead?

Nearly all of  our clients manage their own content and they love the fact that they can change things whenever they want to. However, there are occasions where they literally do not have the time to do and it is easier for them to pay us to do it instead. Our changes for any maintenance work are £25 per 20 mins.

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Do you offer a monthly payment option?

We no longer offer this, due to client feedback.

Please see our Prices page for more details!

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Do you offer any refunds?

There are no refunds, as per our terms and conditions. However, you can try it first without paying anything, so you know whether it is right for you.Totally risk free!

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Do you offer secure email / webmail?

We do not offer email facilities. We strongly advise using a Microsoft email account instead, which has excellent stability and reliability.


We recommend having a chat with Scanstation, based in Bognor Regis. They are a great independent IT company who look after many of our clients.


Their phone number is 01243 767399 and their website is at

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Do you offer training in using your product?

Yes we do, either face to face or via Skype. The charge is £100 plus VAT. If you are building your RYOW yourself, you might want to consider having a session after you have had an initial play with it. It's pretty straightforward to use but there is something a little daunting about starting with a blank sheet of paper, which is why we called it Run Your Own Website rather than build your own website.




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I already have a domain registered. What do I need to do?

Simple, please change the name servers to points at the Run Your Own website server. The name servers are and your own

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I certainly want to have a website, but I'm not sure about whether I want your extra features yet. Can I buy them later?

Of course you can. You can start with the basic package and than add to it in your own time!

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I like the idea of this but I am no good at writing content, is it something you offer?

Yes we certainly do! We charge per page for 350 words of Google optimised content. You can have as many of these as you want. We can even write your blogs for you, on a regular basis. Please see our pricing page for further information.

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I want to insert my own HTML code, is this okay?

We have now changed our policy on this and now allow you to drop in your own HTML code, which allows you to integrate all sorts of 3rd party features, like Event Brite or Google Calenders!

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I want to link to my social media accounts. Is this possible?

Yes, not a problem! You will be able to link to all of the major social media accounts straightaway.

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So, if I have a website with you, will it do really well with Google?

That depends what else you do. If you just put the website together and sit back expecting lots of business of business, you may be waiting a long time! Google expect businesses to act like businesses. In other words, you need to keep telling the world (especially Google!) about what you are doing an interesting and original way. Having the main website copy written in a Google-friendly way is not easy and we work with a couple of copywriters who are really good at this and don't charge a fortune.

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There are loads of cheap or even free website self builders out there. What makes yours so different?

Simple. All of the websites built within Run Your Own Websites are built with our technology. This means that every website will be fully accessible and contain well built code. All other website builders that we have seen generate code that is, frankly, not of the highest quality. This means that, no matter how much work you put into your website, Google will never be interested in it. Using Run Your Own Website, allows you to be able to put together a website quickly and easily but also in a way this is extremely Google friendly.

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Transferring my RYOW to another hosting provider, is this possible?

Most of the WordPress websites in the world are built using templates that are either free or have been bought for a fee of around $59 from a 3rd party seller such as Theme Forest. Invariably they contain many coding errors and they struggle to get good rankings with Google.

We have always been different. We create our own Templates, to ensure they have no errors and tick all of Google's boxes. You will never find our Templates for sale on any website, we have spent 15 years (so far!) working with WordPress exclusively and we know that our websites are always of the highest build quality. You are licensed to use our themes for as long as you are hosted on Run Your Own Website.

If you wish to transfer away, we will provide you with an XML export of your written content which you will be able to import into another WordPress website that is hosted elsewhere.

Alternatively, for an admin fee of £80 plus VAT, we will be able to create a static version of your website that you could then host anywhere.


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What about accessibility?

All of our websites are coded to a very high level of accessibility. As a company, we have been working like this for eight years now. This is important for two reasons. It is important for people with disabilities, so that they are able to find out what you do and do business with you. It is also important for Google, because Google is blind. If your website is easy to understand for blind people, it will also be easy for Google to understand. If Google finds it easy to understand your website, it will like you.

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What about embedding videos?

You have the ability to drop in the video code on any page.

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What about technical support?

What are your own website is designed to be self-contained and easy to use. There are written guide and video guides to hope you. However we do realise that some clients will need additional support. Technical support is available at £25 plus VAT per 20 mins.


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What can I do that will help Google?

For each page / blog entry, you are able to re-write the meta titles and descriptions for all of the pages and all of the posts, if you want to. If you choose not to, they will be generated automatically. There is a lot more information in our Hints and Tips section.

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What if I want to have a function that isn't currently available with Run Your Own Website?

By all means let us know and this may be something we can include in the future. However, it may just be that you need one of our bespoke websites instead. Please contact us for a quote.

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What is Run Your Own Website built with?

Run Your Own Website is built in Wordress.

More websites today are built with WordPress than any other Content Managment Sytem (CMS), however that does not make them all equal!

Every web designer we have met who uses WordPress buys in their templates  The problem is that these templates are never well built (regardless of what the authors may say!) and are therefore extremely Google unfriendly.

We have been using WordPress for over 7 years and have built over 200 websites with it.

We have never bought a template during this time!

Our build quality is outstanding, every website we create goes through over 80 checks before launch  Every template we create for Run Your Own Website has gone through the same stringent checks. That is why Google likes our websites, they are just built properly with no shortcuts!

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Where is Run Your Own Website hosted?

Run Your Own Website is hosted with Fasthosts in Brighton.

We have a secure, scalable hosted environment with them, their support is fantastic!

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Why do you charge extra if I want extra images?

If you need more images, that takes up more server space. We keep the costs as affordable as possible, however if you use more space that is going to cost you more.

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Will you build the website for me?

Yes, if you want us to. However, there will be a charge as it will take us some time to do, please see our pricing page.


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