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An amazing website for start-ups!

An amazing website for start-ups!

Have you just started your own business? If so, congratulations on taking that first big step! You may be fresh out of college and have an amazing idea that you want to develop, or you may have been working for someone else (building their dream not yours) for many, many years and actually realised that you could do it yourself in a much better way! Perhaps you have taken early retirement and want to have a go at something brand new? Whatever it is, well done for taking that first step!

So much you need to do!

There is a lot to organise isn’t there? Do you have a name for your business? What about a logo? Have you thought about getting some business cards made? Whilst I can’t give you advice about your business name, my designer could certainly help you with a logo and your business cards! Give me a call on 01243 776399 to have a chat about it.

A big tip about your business card

Probably the best advice I could give you regarding your business card is don’t go cheap or even free! Your business card is the one thing that people will take away having met you and therefore if it is flimsy or badly printed, that will not leave a lasting impression. You can get decent quality business cards printed for around £50-£60 and it is well worth doing!

Your window on the world!

It is the same with your website. Most people, when considering a website for start-ups, will not be wanting to spend much money and will be tempted to go the very cheap or free route. However, similar to business cards I mentioned previously, your website is your window on the world and will tell everybody, whether they have met you or not, a lot about your business, 24 hours a day!

It is important to make sure that you have a website that is well-built, clean and easy for your visitors to use. You will want to be able to update at any time, easily and without fuss. You would like to be able to add images, drop in You Tube clips and link to your social media accounts. You also want to be able to quickly change things like your address and phone number, should you decide to use a different address to your home one.

Run Your Own  Website for start-ups

Well I have some brilliant news for you, we have a product that will do all that at more! You can pay for it on a monthly basis, or you can pay once and pay for upgrades in future. We offer secure hosting and email and it is just brilliant! The best thing you can do right now is call us on 01243 776399 and find out more about Run Your Own Website. Perhaps you want to have a look around the website first and then give us a call? Whatever works for you, this is the best investment you could be making, Run Your Own  Website for start-ups! Why wait? Do it now!

Clive Loseby

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