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Another two live Run Your Own Websites!

Another two live Run Your Own Websites!

Dawn’s Vintage Do

Dawn Gracie is an entertainer. She is equally comfortable with Vintage performances as she is with Cabaret or Burlesque ones. She is very well known locally, having been on the local business scene for some time and has build up an enviable reputation as a star performer! Her previous website failed the most basic of usability tests, from a Google point of view and she was very keen to avail herself of Run Your Own Website! Her previous website was built on another platform (Wix) and sadly was not mobile / tablet friendly. It was also riddled with a huge amount of coding and accessibility errors, meaning that Google would never like the website!

She wanted to have 4 galleries, one of them being a video gallery page. Dawn is multi-talented wanted to be able to show of all her talents! She also wanted to be able to sell tickets for some of her performances, integrating code provided by Event Brite. This is easy with Run Your Own Website!

Run Your Own Website – no other “off the shelf” system touches it in terms of build quality and Google-friendliness!”

See the website by following this link:

Sim Compliance

Sim Compliance Run Your Own Website John Simmons is a former Naval Engineer with a vast wealth of experience in the field of safety and compliance. Hi covers everything from Risk Assessment and Management before a situation occurs through to Accident and Investigation following a Health and Safety Incident.

Accidents do happen and John’s job is to manage that risk and ensure that every possible precaution has been taken by the company, which can make a fundamental difference to the outcome of any subsequent legal  action. Being compliant is as essential as having insurance and John is rapidly becoming recognised for his due diligence and expertise.

His previous website was built for him by his wife Anita, who is a fabulous photographer in her own right. Whilst not being a coder herself, she is certainly very creative and built John’s first website using another self-build system, from Web Eden.  Unfortunately the system was difficult to use and  there were a considerable number of coding and accessibility errors generated. This, sadly, is common practice with all other self-build website software that we have seen and it means that the websites will never be liked by Google.

Anita wanted to build the website herself and loved doing it! She found Run Your Own Website easy to use and she is a great example of how you can use Run Your Won Website to build a great website with little technical knowledge, just an eye for good design!

See the website by following this link: