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Where is Run Your Own Website hosted?

Run Your Own Website is hosted with Fasthosts in Brighton. We have a secure, scalable hosted environment with them, their support is fantastic!read more »

Can you explain what you mean by an Initial Build Fee?

Run Your Own Website is designed to be easy to use and is aimed at clients who wish for a strong, attractive brochure website that works well on mobiles, tablets, desktop computers and pretty much everything else. However, there often extra things that people want, such as Member's Area... read more »

Can you update my website for me?

Most of our customers are happy making changes to their websites whenever they want to, however, the may be occasions where you might not have the time to do it yourself and wish to have us do it for you instead. We are happy to do any amends or updates... read more »

Do you offer training in using your product?

Yes we do, either face to face or via Skype. The charge is £100 plus VAT. If you are building your RYOW yourself, you might want to consider having a session after you have had an initial play with it. It's pretty straightforward to use but there is something... read more »

Transferring my RYOW to another hosting provider, is this possible?

Most of the Wordpress websites in the world are built using templates that are either free or have been bought for a fee of around $59 from a 3rd party seller such as Theme Forest. Invariably they contain many coding errors and they struggle to get good rankings with... read more »

Do I have to manage my website? Can you do it for me instead?

Nearly all of  our clients manage their own content and they love the fact that they can change things whenever they want to. However, there are occasions where they literally do not have the time to do and it is easier for them to pay us to do it... read more »

What is Run Your Own Website built with?

Run Your Own Website is built in Wordress. More websites today are built with WordPress than any other Content Managment Sytem (CMS), however that does not make them all equal! Every web designer we have met who uses WordPress buys in their templates  The problem is that these templates are never... read more »

What can I do that will help Google?

For each page / blog entry, you are able to re-write the meta titles and descriptions for all of the pages and all of the posts, if you want to. If you choose not to, they will be generated automatically. There is a lot more information in our Hints... read more »

Why do you charge extra if I want extra images?

If you need more images, that takes up more server space. We keep the costs as affordable as possible, however if you use more space that is going to cost you more »

Do you offer secure email / webmail?

We do not offer email facilities. We strongly advise using a Microsoft email account instead, which has excellent stability and reliability.   We recommend having a chat with Scanstation, based in Bognor Regis. They are a great independent IT company who look after many of our clients.   Their phone number is 01243... read more »

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