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Dennis Edwards Foodservice - a dramatic makeover!

Dennis Edwards Foodservice - a dramatic makeover!

Most of our clients have got a website that is anything between a few months and a few years old, when they come to us. They know that their current website, whilst containing all of the correct information, just doesn't look very professional. When chatting with them we discover, in every case, that they just want a website that looks clean and professional, is easy to use and is something that they can change themselves.

Nearly all of our clients make use of our Stock Image library (we have a license with Getty Images) and enjoy browsing through the 14 million+ images available to them. One of the dangers with just taking images off Google Images is that they are nearly always copyrighted and often by Getty Images, who are very diligent on chasing up every unauthorised use of their images!

With Dennis Edwards Foodservice, however, the client was happy to just trust us! He wanted to have a link to his on-line ordering system as well as a form to allow new customers to apply for an account, both of which we were happy to create for him. Sonia has got considerable skill in choosing beautiful images that just work well, whoever the client is and they were delighted with what we have done for them. Here's how they summed it up:

Overall very impressed thank you.

In case you are wondering, their previous site was several years old and looked this this:

Dennis Edwarsd - previous website

We think their new website is somewhat of an improvement! Check it out by following this link.










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