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Event management company builds their own Run Your Own Website!

Event management company builds their own Run Your Own Website!

TSE Productions are a fantastic Event Production Company who relocated to Hampshire last year. Their impressive portfolio includes: award ceremonies, gala dinners, product launches, fashion shows, conferences, cruise ships and leisure resorts worldwide. Their previous website was lacking in code quality, accessibility and ease of management. The team had always been very keen to be able to manage their own website but had struggled to make their previous website give them the results there were looking for.

98% of our clients pay us to build their Run Your Own Website for them. Nearly all of them are then happy to just run it afterwards. We think there is something quite challenging about building a website from scratch and we can fully understand why most people prefer to pay us instead.

Having said that, I am always keen to encourage people to give it a go themselves and see how they get on. If you are reading this article, this is something you could even do for yourself right now. Just go to the home page and click on the blue tab on the right of the main image, called “Get it Now!”.

The team at TSE Productions were keen to see if they could build their website themselves and they duly did so! One of the great things about Run Your Own Website is that anybody can sign up, build their website and then only pay when they want to launch it, so it really is risk-free! Once you have filled in the signup form, the skeleton of your website is created instantly and your login credentials are sent to you, so you can start building rightaway! There is a link to a manual, which is easy to follow and we are planning to create some tutorial videos in the future. So far, our clients say they find it straightforward to use.

TSE went for an Option 3 Run Your Own Website with the optional slideshow, they can upgrade for additional features at any point in the future, should they wish it. We think the site looks great, you can see it for yourself by following this link:

If you are reading this and want to find out more about Run Your Own Website, why not give us a call on 01243 7756399?

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