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First two Run Your Own Websites up and running!

First two Run Your Own Websites up and running!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first two Run Your Own Websites! They are both fantastic examples of what you can do with our product: one required customisation and one was built using the standard package and by looking at both, you will get a feel for what can be achieved.

Sight and Sound

Sight and Sound have been our clients for many years. They provide specialist advice on all aspects relating to clients with hearing impairments and sight issues. They have 3 practices, in Bognor Regis, Lancing and Stubbington. They were aware that their previous website, whilst still being fully accessible and working effectively on different devices, was looking somewhat dated and they were very keen to avail themselves of Run Your Own Website!

Their new website has strong stock imagery (provided by us), a slideshow with overlaid text that they can control and it is fully responsive. This means that it looks great on everything, from a Smartphone or tablet up to a large monitor! As you would expect from Access by Design, the website is AAA Accessible and meets Access by Design’s stringent Accessibility Standards.

This means that the website will perform at its best for everyone, regardless of their ability or disability and is fully within Sight and Sound’s control! We are so excited about this website!

See it here:

Beat the Seat

By contrast, Beat the Seat is a new company with a revolutionary approach to reducing employee’s sickness absence due to back problems. The business owner, Mark McCall, is a highly experienced osteopath who is looking to extensively promote his new concept.

The website is fully responsive, AAA accessible and also includes the video option, which allows him to drop a video in on any page on the website.  Although he liked the layout of his website, there was some specific customisation he required, which we were happy to do for a fixed price. The site again makes use of our image library and focuses on strong vector graphics rather than photography. We just love how this site looks!

See it here:

Blogging is an essential part of any business, if you want to get noticed by Google! All of our Run Your Own Websites come with an unlimited blog and we submit all of our websites to Google when launched. This means everything new that it added to the website will be picked up by Google, as long as it contains at least 350 words or so. Mark McCall is very keen to put this inro practice and has already written several blogs which are on the website

There are more Run Your Own Websites due be launched soon, we will keep you posted!

This product is amazing, for the first time ever you can have a low-cost website that is built to an incredibly high standard, which is exactly what Google is looking for! It blots all of those cheap, self build websites out of the water!

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