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Priory Park 100 – how Run Your Own Website can be the perfect tool to build on!

Priory Park 100 – how Run Your Own Website can be the perfect tool to build on!

Priory Park is a beautiful park in the heart of Chichester that was bequeathed to the City 100 years ago, by the 7th Duke of Richmond. The Friends of Priory Park have having a week of events in September to mark this event and we were approached by them with a view to giving them a platform to build on as the week drawers nearer.

Issues with previous website

They already had a website that has been generated by another online website builder but unfortunately the build quality was very poor, it had many coding and accessibility issues as well as a very uninspiring layout, none of which anything could be done about. The difficulty with using such software to build websites is that you are often very limited in what you can do with it. Google has an adverse reaction to any website that has poor code and poor accessibility and it was a shame because the content of the website is really good, with some excellent videos and fantastic images. The limitations of the website prevented the Friends from communicating their message effectively, which is why they came to us.

Giving our clients the right tools for the job

Richard Plowman, the Chairman, is a talented videographer and photographer. He is also very enthusiastic and was very keen to engage us to rebuild the site, with a view to it then being maintained and developed by himself. We were able to take the content of the website and rebuild it within our fabulous Run Your Own Website framework and it looks fantastic! View the website for yourself by following this link!

Flexibility is the key, from this web design Chichester company

Run Your Own Website is very flexible. With the Prioty Park 100 website, there was a need for each day to have its own page underneath the main Event page. Normally this would result in a drop down menu however, in this case, the drop down menu would have been far too long, as the festival runs over 10 days. Run Your Own Website allows for a website to have some pages hidden from the menu, where there is a practical reason for doing so. There are no accessibility issues with this as all of the child pages are listed in the site map as well as being listed on the events page.

After each event, Richard will be able to upload his videos so that the website will end up being a fantastic record of the Festival!

Would you like this for yourself?

If you are thinking of putting together an event and you have suddenly realised that you need a website that is Mobile., Tablet and Google Friendly and that you need it quickly, why not pick up the phone and talk to us about it on 01243 776399?

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