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Raising a website from the dead!

Raising a website from the dead!

How do you resurrect a website that has been dead for over a year and get it back in Google in just a few days?

With Run Your Own Website, that’s how!

Laminitis is a painful condition of horses’ feet. The actual word laminitis means ‘inflammation (itis) of the sensitive laminae (lamin)’. These laminae are the membranes that hold the bone of the foot (pedal bone) in place inside the foot. So in laminitis when they get inflamed it is as if your horse has to stand on a very badly bruised fingernail. The website Laminitis Advice had been around for several years but it was taken offline about a year ago. It previously had very good rankings for a lot of relevant keywords but obviously all of that had been lost since the website had been taken offline.

The client wanted to have the website back online quickly and we showed them Run Your Own Website, explaining its features and showing them how quickly we could rebuild it for them. They gave us the go ahead and we were able to find the content from the previous website on an Internet Archive. The site was launched a day or two later (last Friday).

On Monday we got a nice email from the client who was really pleased to see that it was already on page 2 of Google for laminitis and page 1 for laminitis advice! In case you were wondering, laminitis is searched for by over 10,000 people every month! As long as the client now starts adding news items regularly, it should be on page 1 of Google for that bigger keyword as well, fairly soon. This is pretty amazing, in fact it is just totally unheard of, so we think it would be a good idea to explain what we think has happened.

One of the things that Google has always liked is longevity. This site has been around in different incarnations for many years and it was page 1 for much of that time. Google uses a lot of different criteria when it assesses websites, before deciding where a particular website should be placed in its listings. Although the site had not been around for over a year, once we had launched it on our Run Your Own Website platform, we resubmitted it to Google as part of our post-launch checks which we do for every client.

Google would have course been aware that the site has previously been around for a long time but just putting an old site back online would not have been enough. Google will apply fresh criteria in reassessing it, particularly in light of whether it was Accessible, Mobile and Tablet Friendly. Obvious, each Run Your Own Website has already passed our own stringent criteria and, once Google has realised this, it had no issue it putting it immediately on to Page 1, from nowhere!

What happens now is down to the client. If they start adding items of news on a regular basis, we are confident it will fully get its rankings back soon! Each Run Your Own Website has an unlimited blog, so all of our clients can perform really well with Google just be writing about what they do!

Run Your Own Website is simply brilliant! Well, we think so anyway! Call us now on 01243 776399 to find out how it could help your business!