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Run Your Own Parish Council Website!

We are proud to announce an exciting new development with our flagship low-cost product, Run Your Own Website! If you haven’t heard of Run Your Own Website before, it is, in effect, one of our bespoke websites that has been turned into an “off the shelf” product. It has been live for over 2 years now and is going from strength to strength!

We have previously developed an online shop with Run Your Own Website and we have been looking to see how else this product can help our customers.

We have built several websites over the years for Parish Councils and some of them have been running for 11 years now, without a hitch. Naturally a website that is that old may look somewhat dated but the fact that they are still going strong is a testament to their build quality.

Parish Councils have limited budgets and have to be very careful with their expenditure but they are also aware of the importance of having a website that meets the needs of all of their visitors. In addition, they have been informed that there is now a requirement for them to have secure email and a secure document facility that allows them to restrict access a document to a specified group of councillors. It was also desirable for there to be a system in place that could track who has accessed the documents and when they did so.

This kind of functionality can be expensive to develop and we wanted to see if we could build a version of Run Your Own Website that would meet the needs of Parish Councils and other similar types of Community Groups, in a cost-effective way.

Enter, stage left, Run Your Own Council Website!

The website has a 2048 bit encrypted SSL Certificate, offers secure email and provides all of the specific functionality outlined above! Parish Councils have the need for several different categories of their documents, such as Planning, Minutes, Agendas and so on. Each Parish Councillor is able to log into the website and have access to what it is, in effect, an intranet. They are able to upload and download files and communicate with each other whilst all such activity is logged. This provides the high level of accountability required by Government for a very cost-effective price!

As with all of our websites, it is built to our usual high standards, both in build quality and accessibility. We believe that we have a product that could meets the needs of Parish Councils and other organisations everywhere!

If you are interested to find out more about Run Your Own Council Website, why not give us a call on 01243 776399?

If you know someone who is a Parish Councillor, please do pass this blog onto them, it could be of enormous benefit to their Parish Council!

Thank you

Clive Loseby

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