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RYOW now fully responsive for no additional charge!

RYOW now fully responsive for no additional charge!

What is responsive design?

Most people have heard about responsive design. It is a way of building websites that redesign themselves for tablets and mobiles. However, many websites that claim to be responsive actually only have a mobile version of their website showing, when it is viewed on a phone or tablet. We understand why, responsive design is difficult and takes time. We know this because we have been using responsive design techniques since January 2011, which was when it first started to appear across the Internet.

Why are we different?

At Access by Design, however, we have never just wanted to go for the minimum. We wanted all of our clients websites to look at their best on every mobile device. This is why we have always created 4 versions! Mobile Landscape, Mobile Portrait, Tablet Landscape and Tablet Portrait: every one of our bespoke websites had had this for over 5 years now and we are proud to be market leaders in this field. This is why we won the award for Product Innovation at last year’s Observer Business Awards.

What we are doing from today.

Up until now, our responsive design has been a paid option with Run Your Own Website. We have always felt it was reasonable to charge for this as this does require a high skill set, particularly when you consider that all Run Your Own Websites already have the highest level of accessibility as part of the standard package. Anyway, we have now taken the decision that, from today, all new Run Your Own Websites will have the responsive option included in the standard package, at no additional cost. We could have done this and just increased the cost of the basic package to cover it but we feel that, from a point of principle, we should stick to our original prices.

By the way, we have also increased the initial image allowance by 50%!

So what do you get now?

So now, the basic Run Your Own Website package includes the following:

  • 10 page website
  • Social Media links
  • Unlimited  Blog
  • Storage space for 15 images
  • Choice of  Google fonts
  • Colour Picker
  • You Tube integration
  • Submission of site to Google
  • AAA accessible (very Google friendly!)

All for only £500 plus VAT!

There are lots of additional options available, including slideshows, scrolling text, custom development and e-commerce: please check the prices page for more details by following this link. There are a lot of other improvements we have made to the backend, to give you even more flexibility and control!

Why not call us today on 01243 776399 to find out more?

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