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Sole Trader? Website? Have you got one yet?

Sole Trader? Website? Have you got one yet?

How’s business? Have you got enough work on this week? What about next week? What about next month? It can be very precarious, working for yourself. You don’t have a safety net, you don’t have a regular wage but you know that what you earn is yours. You may have lots of work on but actually you are not making enough money.

It is tricky isn’t it? You don’t want to lower your prices to get the work, you would much prefer that you were able to charge more for what you do. However your customers need a reason to pay more for your services.  If you are just relying on Checkatrade and other Business Directories, you don’t really have the opportunity to make yourself look better than your competitors. Having your own website could be a perfect way to put yourself in exactly that position!

I would like a website but I don’t know where to start?

A lot of sold trader websites will be built with one of the many free website builder packages available but they may take up a lot of your time and then, after it is launched, you realise that it is not mobile-friendly or just does not look very good. All that time you spend on putting it together was time you could have been spent earning money! Maybe it would be just easier to get someone to build it for you?

I know a guy down the road who can build me a sole trader website.

He doesn’t charge very much, I will use him. It is tempting isn’t it? The problem is that there is a reason that he does not charge you very much. He is building your sole trader website with a free template or one that only costs a few pounds and it may well look quite nice.

Build quality is vital

The problem is that the build quality of the template they used will inevitably be poor. If it wasn’t, it would be far more expensive! Remember that Google is blind and it can pull a poorly built website apart in a matter of seconds. It’s not the fault of the chap who built it for you but, frankly that website is just not going to deliver for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a website that was not too expensive but a) could be built very quickly b) was built really well, so that Google would like it?

Well, look no further. Such a website exists and it is right here, right now! Run Your Own Website does exactly that! Suddenly, you don’t have to worry about righting for scraps with your competitors on a business directory, you get people looking for what you do and coming right to your (virtual) front door! Have a look around, look at the many other sole trader websites we have built and how good they are. Yours could be next, just call un on 01243 776399 and we can get it underway for you!

Clive Loseby

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