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Steve Jull, Alfa Taxis

Steve Jull, Alfa Taxis

I love my website, I love the fact that it does everything that Clive at Access by Design told me it would do. I am at the top or near the top of Google for wheelchair taxis in Chichester, which was exactly what I wanted!

Previously, I had a pretty bad experience. I had got tricked into parting with money with a very dodgy web company up in London who kept ringing me up and asking for more money but not actually showing me anything, it was a very stressful situation. I saw an advert for Run You Own Website in an old magazine as, as it was local, gave them a call. Clive was very friendly, he explained how this product worked and we did the deal. I paid WIll to write the words and, here I am, six weeks later and exactly where Clive said I would be!

Run Your Own Website is brilliant! If you are looking for a new website, you won't go wrong with this!

Steve Jull, The Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Company