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The Magic of Mushrooms – fantastic growth 1 year on!

The Magic of Mushrooms – fantastic growth 1 year on!

Can you just run your business through Facebook?

We would suggest otherwise and John Cole, owner of the Magic of Mushrooms, agrees with us. Read about how having a Run Your Own Website has literally transformed his business!


John Cole and his business partner Richie have been carving the most fantastic ornaments from wood for several years now. Their work is simply stunning, and they won the Product Innovation category at the Sussex Business Awards back in 2011. Richie has no arms and uses his feet instead. They are both simply brilliant at what they do.

Between them, they have built up a successful business. They used to have a very old static website, with very few images on it. It had very little content, was of poor build quality and it, unsurprisingly, had no rankings in Google. They had been focussing on growing their business through Facebook and they had actually closed their website down completely, as they felt it was no longer of benefit to them.

Letting the old website go had unforeseen consequences

When we met them, back in August 2018, they had been without a website for a year and it had, unfortunately, had a dramatically negative effect on their business. 

Having a website of any kind gives you legitimacy and, even though it was not a website they could update in any way, it was at least a website and John was understandably very keen to get a new one underway. He wanted to be able to upload products himself, add images and video and other content with a system that he could learn how to use quickly.

A new beginning

It was clear that Run Your Own Website would be ideal for John. He went for an Option 4, which gave him lots of features like scrolling news, You Tube integration, on-page slideshows and the like. 

We built the site and launched it. I emphasised to John the importance of adding new content regularly, as I do with all my clients. John certainly took this advice to heart, he was adding new products almost immediately. With each one he would write a great description, upload one or more images and often also include short You Tube clips of each product, so customers would have a really good idea of how the product looked. 

As most people are aware, Google bought You Tube a few years ago and putting up You Tube videos onto your website has been highly beneficial since! 

Where was the website on Google?

We were having a catch-up meeting at the beginning of this week and I had a look at where his website was on Google and for which keywords. He is page 1 of Google for the following keywords:

handmade mushrooms
giant wooden flowers
wooden flowers uk
outdoor wooden flowers
giant wooden flowers
wooden flowers
wooden toadstools
wooden flowers for garden
wooden garden toadstools
wooden mushrooms
mushroom ornament
wooden mushroom garden ornaments
wooden mushrooms and toadstools
The average number of organic searches for these keywords is over 15,000!

What was the secret?

How has this happened? Well, in simple terms, Google looks for the following when choosing where to rank a website. There are many more (at least 3000) but this is a good place to start.

  1. Your website should be built to a high standard
  2. Your website should be accessible for people with disabilities (Google is blind after all!)
  3. Your website should be hosted in the country where you trade (UK in this case)
  4. Your domain should be one specific to that country (such as
  5. There should a significant amount of content on each page
  6. There should be a regular amount of new content (to keep Google coming back)

1-3 happened automatically because John has our flagship product, Run Your Own Website.

5 happened because John engaged Will Harvey of Loose Marbles to write his initial copy.

6 happened because John has made the time, on a regular basis, to put his products up, write about them, add photos and add a video!

The experience of other traders John has talked to suggest that most of them are 30 - 60% down on their trade last year. This was not the same with the Magic of Mushrooms!
If you want to be amazed, just watch the video on the Home Page!

Moving forwards

The obvious next step for John would be to move into selling his products online. We are delighted to announce that he has decided to invest in his business again this year and go for a Run Your Own Website Option 5 with WooCommerce upgrade!

WooCommerce allows you to have more than one product image to be shown, along with You Tube videos, just like it does with his current site except this time, allows customers to order online immediately, with their own Customer Account, which always increases the chance of the sale in the first place and any repeat business! 

If you would be interested in find out how your business could benefit from a new website with e-commerce, why not give us a call on 012343 776399? It may cost less than you think!

Clive Loseby
Access by Design and Run Your Own Website
Award-winning web design, Chichester