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The Queens English Society has a brand-new website!

The Queens English Society has a brand-new website!

Who are they?

The Queen's English Society was founded in 1972 by Joe Clifton, an Oxford graduate and schoolteacher. It is a membership organisation that exists to promote good English and the enjoyment of English.  As Dr Bernard Lamb, President of the Queens English Society wrote:

“Standards of English are much too low in this country, as shown by the Queen’s English Society surveys of UK undergraduates and of young entrants to industry and commerce, by reports from the Institute of Directors and the Confederation of British Industry, and by comments from university examiners, A/L and GCSE examiners and others.”

Problems with their previous website

Their previous website contained a lot of extremely useful information about writing effective English, which was freely available to anyone who visited the website. Unfortunately, the website itself was built with outdated code and contained many coding and accessibility errors. It also had inaccessible navigation. This meant that there were not many visitors to the website, as it did not rank strongly with Google. Google is blind and if a website does not work well for a blind person, it will not be favoured by Google.

Time for a redesign!

We were approached by Christine Pownall, the Membership Secretary as she was keen for the website to have a complete makeover, to meet the needs of today’s visitors. It was clear to us that an Option 4 Run Your Own Website would be exactly what they needed. Option 4 has no page or image limits and is the most appropriate package for clients who already have an existing website.

There is a fair amount of content on the website: several excellent guides to help anyone in their writing, details of previous winners of their Excellent English Prize, recommended books and so on. The previous QES website did not have many images on it and they made good use of our license with Getty Images to choose some really striking imagery for their new website.

Some of the pages required additional formatting and we also wanted to make sure that the website was built flexibly, to allow additional content to be added easily.

We are now members!

In recognition of our work, we have now been made honorary members of the Queens English Society, for which we are profoundly grateful! If you would like to view the website, please follow this link.

If you belong to a society and you feel that your own website could do with a makeover, why not give us a call on 01243 776399? We would love to have a chat with you!

Clive Loseby

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