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Travel England Tours have a revamp!

Travel England Tours have a revamp!

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Up until now, our Option 5 Run Your Own Websites have been used with websites needing e-commerce (such as The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and Through the Roof) or document management facilities such as Birdham Parish Council. However, what if you have already got a website that looks really good to you but you find really difficult to use or it just does not work properly?

This was exactly the situation we had with Travel England Tours. It was a new business, offering chauffeur-driven tours, predominantly in the South West of England. They offer a great variety of tours and their target market are visitors from overseas who are planning a trip to the UK, especially visitors from the US.     

Promised the earth...

They had previously commissioned a web design company in London who looked really good and promised them the Earth.  They certainly gave them the design ideas they were looking for but, from then on, everything had gone wrong. It had run several months late (not uncommon) and the website itself was very difficult for the client to work with.

The client already had a Run Your Own Website which worked really well for their other business, but they had felt that the template was a little too restrictive for their needs, with the new Travel England Tours website. They were very particular about certain aspects of their previous website and they wished to keep them.  

Rebuilding it properly..

To rebuild their website was going to be a challenge as the WordPress theme used on the initial website was bought from Theme Forest for around $59. It was very poorly coded, stuffed full of plugins (many of which were not even used) and impossible to work with. From the client’s point of view, they just wanted a website that looked their existing one but was actually just built properly.

The cost of doing this as a bespoke design with us would have been at least £5000. However, using our Run Your Own Website template as a starting point , we were able to develop a version that had the look and feel of their previous website whilst being built properly and within their control. It was also considerably less in terms of cost!

This website has all of the elements that they liked previously whilst having the best bits of Run Your Own Website: fully accessible, mobile, tablet and Google friendly! The clients wanted a much larger slideshow on the home page, a different banner image on different pages, icons across each the top of tour pages and for each tour page to be laid out like a traditional holiday brochure. It’s a great example of just how flexible Run Your Own Website is!

You can see their website by following this link!

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