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Two more live Run Your Own Websites to see!

Two more live Run Your Own Websites to see!

Something Fishy

Something Fishy are one of our oldest clients. They have always provided top quality fishing trips in and around Chichester Harbour and people will often travel down from London to experience first-hand the joy and challenges of sea fishing. We built their previous website in 2007 and it is still currently live (please follow this link if you want to see it but please be aware it is somewhat dated!)

The owner, Adam Shaw, was keen to build a new site that would also promote the other sides of the business: their fish shop and their role as a key wholesale supplier of fresh fish. Our bespoke websites are fantastic quality but they take 14 weeks to build and the opening of the season was fast approaching!  Take a step forward, Run Your Own Website....

There was a lot of new copy needed for the website and Adam didn’t have the time to write it, so he took advantage of our copywriting services. By the time the copy was written, the website was already built and ready to go! Adam also loved the idea of using one of the new domains for the website, so the website address is!

R Froud Pine Furniture

Robert Froud is, quite simply, a master craftsman. He has been building pine furniture for over 30 years and always builds to order. We were introduced to him by another client who had gone to see him about getting a desk built for his son. His son’s bedroom was quite an awkward shape and none of the standard “off the shelf” products would fit. They both had a chat, Robert threw a quick sketch together and one week later, the desk was done and is simply perfect!

His previous site was many years old and was not one that he could control. He had taken photographs of his work but, as is the nature of pine furniture, they were all different shapes and sizes, ranging from a tall narrow book case to a wide desk. This presented us with quite a challenge, but because Run Your Own Website is able to take any size image and resize it for the website so that they can all be laid out neatly. Robert had the idea of having different images displaying on different pages to reflect the rooms in which people might have a need for his products.

The difficulty was the way that the thumbnails were displaying. Invariably, a tall narrow bookcase cannot fit easily into a landscape thumbnail image, so we developed a feature that allows our clients to choose how they wish to have their images laid out, proportionally, for example. They can also choose how many images to have in a line.

If you visit the website you will see how this allows for all sorts of shapes and sizes of images , shown in an even and consistent manner. Robert has the facility to add text to all of the images and is using it put up key features and prices with an extended description below. Robert is now happily putting up his own images and adding text to each one!

Please follow this link to see the website and see for yourself!

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