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We have just had a makeover!

We have just had a makeover!

Two years into the launch of Run Your Own Website, we felt it was time for a makeover ourselves!

Our original idea

We developed Run Your Own Website as a way of being able to create websites for small businesses for a fraction of what we would charge for a full, bespoke redesign. At Access by Design, an Award-Winning Web Design Chichester Digital Agency, we have always prided ourselves on the build quality of our websites. With Run Your Own Website, we went for a vibrant orange and black branding, to give it a clear distinction from our Bespoke Web Design service that we offer through our main company, Access by Design.

A huge increase in visitor traffic in only 2 years!

With no SEO (search engine optimisation) and very little content, Run Your Own Website has just gone from strength to strength! We have had over 78,000 unique visitors so far this month (January 2018), which has just been brilliant! By branding the website into our Access by Design colours, we believe it gives the website a stronger identity as an Access by Design website. We you like the new look!

Restructuring our Products in Affordable Web Design, Chichester!

We haven't just done a straight re-colouring exercise, though. We have also looked at the way that we sell Run Your Own Website and have grouped it into 4 main options, starting from as little as £20 / month, with hosting and email included! Some of our clients will still prefer the Pay Once option, which they are welcome to do. Further enhancements, such as new designs and different website options will be available for a small fee. Clients who choose to pay monthly will be able to have the option to switch to a new design when they become available, for no extra charge. Head on over to the Prices page by following this link, if you want to find out more about this!

Secure hosting throughout

Run Your Own Website is in the process of moving to full 2048 bit SSL encryption this week, which ensures that all browsers will see it is a safe website. We have got a lot of very exciting plans this year which we will be telling you about very soon. We love this product! For the first time ever: Mobile, Tablet and Google Friendly websites available to everyone for the fraction of the cost of a comparable bespoke site!

Run Your Own Website. Affordable web design, Chichester. From Access by Design.